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Success Stories

From Maddie
I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for the match with Malik. You were correct. We are a perfect match. He is the one. I believe he feels the same way. We have dated long enough to have a couple of disagreements and still its perfect. God used you to bring us together and we are truly blessed. Knowing that he loves me helps me be and do all God has called me to do. We are so much alike where it counts, at our core. I'm looking forward to our life together. Thank you for pushing me to sign up.
Happy and grateful, Maddie

Matchmaker on Carolyn and Darrell
I spoke with Carolyn and Darrell. They let me know it is official between them and they had great July 4th together. They went to his sister’s house. They discovered that his sister was her very best friend 40 years ago and now have reconnected. They couldn't be happier together and thanked the moon and back they found each other. I couldn't be happier for them!!!!!!!

From Wendy and Daniel
We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we would like to remove our names from the dating data base. We have found each other, thru you and are perfectly happy.

From Lorraine
Good morning Denise I can't tell you how happy I am. Barry is amazing , he's super intelligent, sweet, caring, polite ,sexy ...and omg ...he can kiss like there's no tomorrow! He flew back yesterday (unexpectedly) because he missed me so much. We had dinner last night (fourth date) and talked for a few hours and have both come to the same conclusion that we are very happy with each other and want to pursue a monogamous relationship for the time being. So, Could I ask that you put my file on hold for awhile so we can see where this leads to. Thank you again for this lovely have no idea... Lorraine

From Linda
Hi Shane, I'm so glad that I contacted Match Makers to find that special person for me. So I would like to put things on hold and see where Evan and I will go with all of this. I'm pretty sure all will go well for us he is such a sweet heart. Once again Shane thanks from the bottom of my heart! Linda

From Rachel
I think that things are going well with Nate and myself. He is a very easy going man and thinks of others. I like him. Hope he feels the same.

From Karen
Hi Denise, progress with Ben is good, actually very good. Thank you. Karen

From Wanda
Hi dear Dee. Harry and I will get married next week so we want to invite you to our wedding.

From Barry
hello Dee, i like Dawn and i want you to put me on hold for a while. i want to get to know her. first date completed and the second date was an afternoon together. as she opened up to me i found more to be intrigued with. well.....its always easier to listen when you have a pretty woman to look at. i'm sure you're relieved to finally get a good report from me. see???? i wasn't that hard to do business with after all. i just needed you to get the weight and the hair color right!!! men are so simple!! :) i'll let you know how it goes. if it doesn't work out between us i'm sure she'll be ok. she's a passionate kisser, looks much younger than she is, and makes a great home made soup! :) barry

From Rebecca
I think he is a really nice guy. Very educated and polite, very funny and thoughtful as well. I would love to go out on more dates with him.

From Marty
We met briefly over coffee, but my immediate impression was positive: I liked her physical appearance and self esteem.

From Loraine
He took my breath away, He was very good looking, polite, considerate and sexy. I liked the fact that he was so handsome and sexy. That was good. He was sweet and considerate and polite. This was good. I liked the fact that he was kind of edgy. This was good. I liked that we had the same tastes in music, restaurants and dancing.

From Rachel
Seems to be very nice; is a young 70; good humor and he talks as much as I do. We have agreed to make a date for dinner sometime next week, to explore in more detail if we like one another. We met for coffee at 1:30 pm and talked to 3:30 pm

From Jennie
Ben seems to be a very nice man. I was a little bit nervous since it was my first referral, but it didn't take me long to feel completely comfortable with him. It was not instant chemistry, however it sometimes take a few meetings for a relationship to develop. So at the end of the meeting when Ben asked me if I would accept to go on a second date, I said yes.

From Keri
Hi Crystal, can you place my account on hold/freeze. Jeff and I are dating. Thank you, Keri

From Randall
Kerrie and I met on Sunday Feb 1 over coffee, and then a walk around a small lake area in White Rock. We enjoyed very easy conversation, on many issues, and I discovered she was from Russia initially! She is a very interesting person and I found her to be very easy to discuss a variety of topics with. We have agreed to get together again and that is to happen this afternoon over coffee, and weather permitting we will go for another walk as well - something we both enjoy! Apologies for the late computer was giving me grief the last couple of weeks so it was in to have a check up! Randall

From: Norman
We have so many things in common. I have to admit that I like her but you need time to know that person. I would like to continue seeing her.

From Arlen
We finished our dinner and went for a walk than went back to the cafe where we met. We ordered another coffee and then I kissed her on the cheek and said it was great meeting her and that I would like to go to her church the following day.

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